Once Upon a Moon

Full Moon Spiritual Reading by Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

 “Our innermost soul has agreed to become naked to existence once again.

“The only thing we can keep with us is that core blazing spirit.” 

Ellias Lonsdale- Inside Degrees * his Chandra Symbol interpretation of this Moons degree*

Through a Blue Moon Season…. many things that have LONG been forgotten ..that were never conscious wounds…will rise out of the BLUE…into one’s mind eye and as the heart mind observes…one has the opportunity to see from the inside out …and if approached with a determined fire to let it be real..we ignite freedom…..

In this vision flash of dormant moments….suspended somewhere within us…. inspiration behaves as the energy of  strength….of power…not force…..

Once in a Blue Moon..if one grasps this energy…time stands still…and one can indeed..alter their past for the visions hold the keys….and our attention …that liberates us into future vision….

Once upon a Blue Moon…is the offering of instant healing….we are brought back to ourselves…back to our true nature….

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2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Moon

  1. This moon is just aligned to magic..and magik…as we know..has so many dimensions…and it has found a sweet spot in this degree indeed…
    Have a wonderful exhale and create abundantly..your joy…Namaste
    Thanks so much for your support ❤


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