Blind Spot

“Our perception could either be our path to nirvana or an invisible cage that bottles us up.”  ― Pawan Mishra Those that tried to hide in our blind spots... Find no shade for their comfort..... the light has the edge of tomorrow... allowing one to see with the karmic intelligence of the Soul.... consciously.... we [...]

Merrily Onward

So... The picture on my main blog page....taken by me.. was part of my.."once upon a time" garden. I still miss that house..and then... I take a breath... And don’t. I have a lovely Jasmine making its own mark upon my heart these days...and new roses have thrived here at... THE BUNGALOW Yep....a baker’s dozen [...]

The Voice of Water

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs.  I am haunted by [...]

Birthed Within

“Do not let another day go by where your dedication to other people's opinions is greater than your dedication to your own emotions!”  ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free Anger paralyzes the is a helpless energy...that reflects the absence of control breath at a time....see closely from a distance.... It is many [...]

Unexpected Alignments

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”... Martin Buber When one tests the destination of the wind...unexpected encounters between past and present ....arouse a surge of distractions.... which often results in a new ...inspiring sequel to one's future.... “The surface of everything is thinner than we know. A person can fall right [...]