Unexpected Alignments

Obviously not real, but I'd love to see a quick "making of" mini-movie.....  Skydiving elephunts

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”…

Martin Buber

When one tests the destination of the wind…unexpected encounters between past and present ….arouse a surge of distractions….

which often results in a new …inspiring sequel to one’s future….

“The surface of everything is thinner than we know. A person can fall right through, without any warning at all.” 
― Leif Enger, 
Virgil Wander


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Alignments

  1. Beautiful post! Love the music and the elephants, but such great words too. We think we know where things are taking us, but there’s always a surprise around the corner 😆

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  2. Hello Wendy and thank you for taking the time to comment..
    Yes..we do find that we are aligned to so much of life..in such delightful unexpected moments . Create an amazing adventure within your day🌻
    Blessings abundant, from my HEART to yours….Namaste’


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