Did Hell Freeze Over While Awakening?

17 Spooky Signs That We Don't Even Wanna Deal With

The echoes we reach…as we shed the skin…are the answers to our questions, we formed…

while asking “why”..and “what if I said this or that”…way back in time…

The energy has finally reached us..or we reached “it” in its divine space of frequency….

There is..in this space..all those moments “left unsaid”….vibrating …

This is where one can finally handle the truths….

This is louder than words…

Where one hears the silence so loudly…..Spirit responds…

One sheds the skins..from the inside out….

That which surfaces….is indeed the Spirits’ own Rising…

The empty of the human mind..can but watch and have no expectation..

One is simply awestruck….Godsmacked….on the high note…..

We come full circle..before we are conscious of such…

It is indeed…. a most horrible relief…..

I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened”. Mark Twain

Creating Worlds Writing Camp: Challenge Three. Blue Eyes, Gray, Eyes. {With Random Fridays and The Christmas Challenge.}

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