Glimpse of Eden

Лариса Черных - Google+

“It is idle to say there is no such garden. Everyone recognizes the same nostalgia… Paradise is neither a moment nor a place; it is a condition. So when the lover calls to his or her beloved to come into the garden, it is, in the final implication, a summons to overcome to human condition.”
― Richard Cavendish, The Tarot

Has the truth really set us free….. 


has it just left us naked … begin again…. another name for the only place one belongs….it’s where the Soul fits well…

No roads lead to it…..and only you know the way there….

“Paradise is not some kind of enchanted land filled with flowers and music. It is not some kind of spiritual Disneyland. Paradise is our primordial pure consciousness, which is free of all limitations but embodies the infinity of the divine.”
― Anam Thubten, No Self No Problem: Awakening to Our True Nature

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