Illuminated Renewal

“Everywhere we shine, death and life burn into something new…”
― Aberjhani, Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love

Awakened……Illuminated Love

This is the condition of unconditional acceptance. It’s the space where we purposefully do not prepare a scenario, we not only allow the flow, we celebrate the ability to witness the Divine. We choose where or when or even if..we will insert ourselves, to become part of the moment.

It is a condition…this exposing our senses to Holy Spirit…moving within us, as Spirit takes the lead in this onward journey.

Questions are formed that are in perfect pitch to Spirit’s reply. The unknowing stance we take here, offers us an expansive space of opportunity.

It is through the daily work, daily energy exchange with prayer and meditation, that harmonic balance is activated. When we see our connection to this daily practice as being in daily Service to Gods Will, we achieve greater healing and greater integration.

May every prayer be a celebration!

while awakening….

God rearranged us….

sturdy …

to step out of ourselves ……

“Remember always that the goal of awakening, of self-awareness, of living in higher consciousness is always about the very same thing that Christ brought into the world which is unconditional, agape love.”
― Theodore J. Nottingham, Doorway to Spiritual Awakening: Becoming Partakers of the Divine

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