*The word “liminal’ comes from a Latin word “līmen”, meaning “a threshold” Relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.*

“A dead man walking out of a tomb utterly obliterates all of our tediously constructed paradigms about life. And in pondering what God did that morning, maybe we need to ask if our paradigms are, in fact, the very tombs that you and I need to walk out of.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Many travelers have stepped into the dimensions of the unvisited tombs…

The land is filled with all these echoes…of hidden lives…

where we are tired of “feeling” it without “seeing” it….

This is a well-lit land…. it is not only darkness being revealed…and the depths reach higher than the sky….

Making room for this transformation…we are released from all limited concepts

Letting the revealing… BE REVEALED… we are lifted from the healing processes….

these are moments and experiences and stories, we truely do not even mentally remember….and many are not ours at all.. yet..are vibrations from ancestors never known…..yet the “energy” of patterns triggered an anxiety or fear or reluctance to accept ….which has kept us at bay…as if we were the hot stove and the one touching the same time…

This is where our practice of “acceptance in the space of not knowing”…pays off

We are able to observe these moments now……where fear turns into graceful acceptance, gratitude and completions… the Grace of God..these are instant healing moments….

Through the process of strengthening our stretch…we strengthen our connection to Divine Power

Visiting with God….reminds us….that He empties the tombs….

“Despite the fact that life has repeatedly reinforced my conviction that the tomb was empty, some of my most profound errors have occurred when I was straining under the weight of a death that was in reality the liberation of a transition.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

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