Wearing Light

“Truth is, I’m in a daily process of healing my life from things I don’t even know I’m hurting from.”
― Lebo Grand

The journey in awakening was built on trusting the unknown…..and the entire process is a horrible relief…

we walked in the lands of the unforgiving…where there are no apologies for that which is being revealed….

Even the most awakened person, must die a little everyday…just to stay awake….

When you believe you have reached enlightenment….Spirit begs to differ…

We get moments of a clarity that surpasses gravity….


we suffer an obsession to this ….Becoming…

It is a divine devotion to this desire…which continues to tug at our hearts, our spirit…our very Being…that drives this passion for more Light…..

We were not handed candles…to light our way…..we learned to make fire… and discovered the openness….the fearlessness….and Love….. that is the essence of our own life…..

“You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world.
(Matthew 5:14, The Message)”

*this is an amputee Eagle, being gifted flight by an amazing Human Being hand gliding for the Eagles Soul to soar!!!..*

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