Bending Gravity

“It is not the gravity of the moment. Rather, it is the faith of the man who stands in the gravity of the moment.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

The path is very clear for those who are willing to walk it..

Letting go is a powerful reflex…

Letting go has its own unique gravity, where there is nothing pulling down the energy of Soul…. blockages are released….and the patterns are broken….

There are no techniques to achieve God…there are only techniques to remove the obstacles that block you from God….

Remember…Release and Activation happens simultaneously….

Once you have cleared your blockages, once you have truly let go and “allowed” the healing to complete, you move immediately into the energy of patterns. Everything you encounter is now recognized through letting go of it…and its natural rhythm is revealed

Truly, this Higher Work is Souls’ turn to radiate the energy we, as humans, will navigate with….

Earth is the “place” where Souls are sent to evolve….

There is a distinct warm feeling, as one encounters a scar, when you have come into the healed state of being…as sorrow came through my awareness a few days ago, I was grateful to know that energy….and how knowing it, saved my heart…and brought joy and deep peace into that very moment…Soulspeak…..

Take a deep breath …. you are cherished more than you know….Namaste’

“If you see a dandelion as a weed, you’ll spray it. If you see it as a flower, you’ll draw it close, turn it this way and that, and become lost in the colossal burst of slender golden petals that spew sunshine into the darkest of souls. And so, how many things have we sprayed that could have illuminated our souls if we would have let them be more than what we let them be?”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

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