The Becoming Seasons

“And we who loved the world must learn the language of absence: days foreshortened, empty rooms, the irrevocable distance between the goodbye and the letting go.”― Joe Bolton, The Last Nostalgia Overcoming an entire life is an edgy thought indeed… Yet… This is the task… of Becoming… Giving embodiment ….to our authentic nature. Becoming is a vibration [...]

Life Love Is

A Course of Love...Chapter 29 Attention 29:12 It is extremely important for you to realize that God’s work takes place outside of time, as do all acts of true service or creation. This is not a readily understandable concept, but one that is necessary for you to have faith in. It is essential to your [...]

The Offering

“Tell God you are ready to be poured out as an offering, and God will prove Himself to be all you ever dreamed He would be.”― Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest Through the process of awakening, we recognize the passage from there to here, as a hindsight …we had been in the ending of our [...]

Naturally Occurring Heart

“Silence is never empty.”― Craig D. Lounsbrough Feeling the deep spiritual desperation to live in the Unity of our nature… we are reminded … all flows naturally in this process as we simply allow ourselves to BE, in this moment, as we are… The renewing is ongoing…. as we experience each condition with God, may we [...]