Aligned Blooming

Faith has anchored deeply and continues to teach me... As for continues to allow for more harvesting...harvest equals results and I will use this energy to create the harvest that will sustain me in months to come.. It is a wonderous and lovely discovery, these things I did not remember planting.... Gratitude....It's a [...]

The Harvest of Awakening

It is the immortal memory that surfaces, as one walks from healing into Being… Alignments to connections long passed, are like a flower blooming fully…each petal will be enjoyed as it Becomes a part of the whole… Through a flowers’ life…once the blooming happens..its joy remains, as each day..the flower dies…it lets go in such [...]

The Becoming Seasons

“And we who loved the world must learn the language of absence: days foreshortened, empty rooms, the irrevocable distance between the goodbye and the letting go.”― Joe Bolton, The Last Nostalgia Overcoming an entire life is an edgy thought indeed… Yet… This is the task… of Becoming… Giving embodiment ….to our authentic nature. Becoming is a vibration [...]